Microsoft Dynamics 365 Plugins Vs Workflows

Work-Flow vs Plug-Ins

Work-Flow Plug-in
Can be created by Users in  the web client Always created by the developer
Always run in the context of owner of  workflow Flexible can run in context of user, system or specific.
Can run for long time Can only run for 2 minutes
Can run on demand Only run as result of event
User can track progress User don’t know they exist unless they throw an error
Security filters which record workflows run against Plug-Ins run for all records for the registered events
Can’t run offline Can run offline


Asynchronous Plug-Ins vs Synchronous Plug-Ins

Asynchronous Plug-In Synchronous Plug-In
Doesn’t block user from seeing the result of operation. Block user until completed
Modifications happened after operation so update call is required Can modify data before Dynamics 365 persists
Has extra overhead to track  queued async operation Ha minimal overhead to manage call
Limited to 2 minutes in Sandbox Limited to 2 minutes in Sandbox
Can run only post operation Can run post operation and pre operation
Not Part of transaction Included in transaction

Background Work-Flow vs Real-Time Workflow

Back Ground Workflow Real Time Workflow
Results not need right away Results needed right away
Wait conditions are needed Workflow is really simple
Workflow contains long operations like wait Need transaction support
  Need to see before values
  No ability to wait
Execute as Workflow Owner Execute as calling User or Workflow Owner


Real-Time Workflow   Before vs Plug-In Before

Real Time Workflow- Before Plug-In Before
Can’t run for before create Can register before on most messages
Values are as before change occurred Can see before and updated records
No ability see changed value Can update request in memory
  No ability for pre create for images

Post create can have post image



Asynchronous Plug-Ins vs Custom Workflow


The key difference is Images that you can use in Asynchronous Plugin, but not in workflow and also you cannot make an Asynchronous Plug-in on demand like the way we can do it in workflows.
A Synchronous Plugins are lighter weight than workflow process.

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