Run On-Demand Workflows on bulk records using XrmToolBox – bulk workflow execution

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM On-Demand workflows are great and help in so many ways.

you can easily run these on records such as 100, 500, 1000 & may be on 2000? But wait… how about 10000 records? that’s where it might become very hectic but with  plugin in XrmToolBox – it has become very easy.

All you have to do is download XRM toolbox from the main website:

Now once you have this tool and extracted – you might not have the bulk workflow execution tool in it. you will have to go to plugin store from the xrm tool and add it as below


once you go there it will give you hell lot of plugins you have to look for “bulk workflow execution” plugin and install it as below:


once this is done you should be able to search this tool in your XRMtoolbox :


double click on it and get into action

  1. make sure your workflow is already is configured to run as OnDemand
  2. all OnDemand workflows in the organization will come under the dropdown I have highlighted.
  3. once you select the workflow – it will give a list of all views from the entity which is a primary entity of the workflow. you can select the view and run your workflows on view returned records.
  4. you can also define your own custom fetch XML query; which we will do now.


here i am using the below fetch XML as an example:

<fetch distinct=” false” mapping=” logical” output-format=”xml-platform” version=”1.0″ ><entity name=” task” ><attribute name=” subject” /><filter type=”and” ><condition attribute=” scheduledend” operator=” null” /><condition attribute=” statecode” operator=” eq” value=”0″ /><condition attribute=” createdon” operator=” on-or-before” value=”2019-03-12″ /></filter></entity></fetch>


you can click on validate to validate your query; once your query is confirmed you will have run workflow button enabled next to it and also will show how much record it has retrieved. click on the run workflow button and see the action:


it will work like a charm and will definitely save a lot of your time.


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