Step by Step Process to Integrate Dynamics Portal with SharePoint

Why we need to integrate Portal with SharePoint?
• To answer the question, let’s take a scenario, A company has an Employee Health portal where employees upload their Medical Bills and diagnostic reports to reimburse the money incurred due to hospitalization. On the other side Companies admin team access the documents either from D365 application or SharePoint portal to validate and release the money.
• If the documents get uploaded to SharePoint through the Portal, with the robust SharePoint document management features, the documents can be edited, versioned and accessed anywhere online just from a browser.
Now let’s see the steps to integrate portals with SharePoint.
• Dynamics 365 subscription
• SharePoint Site
• Dynamics Portal
Configure SharePoint Site:
• Once you have your Dynamics 365 subscription, login to your Office 365 using
• Click on ‘SharePoint’ link to connect to SharePoint Portal


• Next step is to create a new ‘Sitesp2

• Click on ‘Create Site’ and fill the details to complete Site creation.
• Copy the URL which you would need in next steps.
• I created a new site with name PortalSitesp3

Configure SharePoint Site in D365 Application:
After creation of SharePoint Site in previous section, now we need to configure it in Dynamics 365
• Open your Dynamics Application
• Go to Settings -> Document Management Settings
• In the ‘Document Management Settings’ window, paste the SharePoint Site URL copied in previous section in SharePoint Site text box.sp4

• In the Select Entities grid, select the entities you would like to add Documents from your portal.
I selected Case entity as I am using in this article
• Click Next and Select folder structuresp5

• Click Next to complete the set up.sp6

Set up SharePoint integration in Dynamics Portal:
• Connect to Dynamics 365 Administration Center
• Select your Portal from ‘Applications’ and click on ‘Managesp7

• Click on Set up SharePoint integration -> Enable SharePoint integrationsp8

• Provide credentials and complete the set upsp9

Configure Case entity portal form and Entity Permissions:
To be able to upload documents from Portal, we need to add a sub-grid on Case form.
• Connect to Dynamics 365 Application
• Open Settings -> Customizations -> Customize the System
• Select ‘Case’ Entity and make sure ‘Document Management’ is checked.sp10

• Open Case -> Forms -> Web-Edit Case form
o Note: As I am going to upload documents from existing Case in Portal, I chosen ‘Web-Edit Case’ form. Choose your from as per the requirement.sp11

• Add a new sub-grid with below details.
o Entity – Document Locationssp12

• Save and Publish.
Let’s grant ‘Entity Permissions’ to Sharepointdocumentlocation entity whoever having access to Case entity.
• Navigate ‘Portals -> Entity Permissions’
• As I am planning to upload documents from ‘Case’ entity, I am selecting Customer Service – Cases where contact is customer entity permission.sp13

• Add a new Child Entity Permission on Sharepointdocumentlocation entity and grant below privileges.sp18

• Save and Close.
How to upload the documents from Portal:
Once you made all the configurations, we are all set to upload the documents.
• Connect to your portal
• Create a new Case or open an existing Casesp16

• Navigate to the ‘Documents’ sub-grid and click Add Filessp17

• Upload the document
• You should see the uploaded document in the sub-grid.

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